Monday, June 1, 2015

Meadowlark Dressage Team Goes to SSDSS

Congratulations to Acacia Aikens, Jennifer Broniak, Kyle Rothfus, Riley Jordan, Kay Schlemmer and Emily Jenkins for their great rides at the Summer Schooling Dressage Show at Shiawassee! Every rider brought home ribbons, and every horse was an angel. It doesn't get much better than that!

This weekend was one of the best learning experiences we could've hoped for as a first away-show of the season. That said, it was also one of the most tedious experiences we could imagine... LOL!

Despite a number of setbacks throughout the show, from swampy footing to incorrect test scoring (and a number of other issues that I won't even begin to cover) we all came home happy and exhausted, feeling satisfied that we rode our best and our horses gave their all.

Here are some photos from our awesome weekend! 

Jennifer and Casper checked out the indoor riding arena the night before the show.
Casper and Emily had a great first ride of the day! He didn't bat an eyelash!

Caci and Rory handled their first away show like pros! Too bad you can't see his adorable roached mane!

Speaking of handling it like pros, Freja and Kyle rode very elegantly, earning an 8 on their gaits in intro level!

It just wouldn't be the same if Dodger didn't have his gorgeous french braid for the show!
At least Branson was braided for one of his tests! LOL!

There were a lot of Blues and Reds that came home with us! 

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