Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome, New Boarders!

Yesterday's fencing party was a huge success, and we also welcomed seven - yes SEVEN - new horses to our property! It seems like word has gotten out that we're expanding and improving, and we are so excited to share our wonderful barn and to welcome these new boarders.

Ronnie and Comanche, two of Shari's super-sweet horses (Not pictured is BellaNoel, Shari's other Paint)
Rijker and Nikko, Kay's new half-Friesian sibling project ponies
Apache, Denise's adorable and athletic pinto (sorry for the terrible photo!)

Branson, Emily's new dressage/physical rehab project

Welcome to your new home, everybody!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Adult Camp 2014 Recap

This past week was our second annual "Adult Camp" and it was even better than last year! We had a massive turn out (some nights we had as many as 15 riders!) and everyone got along like old friends. We spent the week learning all sorts of things including equine body language, massage, biomechanics and, yes, even yoga on horseback! 

The yoga on horseback was the highlight of the week for a lot of our campers, and it really helped riders become more aware of their connection with their horses. I can't wait to do another yoga night at the barn!

Our riders learned the basics of jumping, and everyone had a great time running gymkhana at the end of the week! This was a great opportunity for the moms of the high school equestrian team teenagers to become more familiar with horses and how to handle them. We had a number of ladies graduate to official "Show Mom" status by the end of the week!

One of the more useful demonstrations that we did for the horse owners at camp was the equine massage demonstration. We went over Ozzy from head-to-tail and helped him relax the tension in his muscles bit by bit. He was a very happy boy afterward, and campers were eager to try some of the techniques on their own horses!

Overall, I'd say this year's adult camp was a huge success! We received nothing but good feedback from our campers, and we've had several requests to run additional adult camps in fall and spring! If that's something you think you'd like to try, let us know! If we have enough interest, we'll be happy to run multiple adult camps each year.  

Thanks for joining us, ladies, and thanks for being such spectacular campers!

Sincerely, Emily 

A Meadowlark Equestrian Center Blog Introduction

Welcome to our farm blog! We have such a closely knit community, much of which is social-media-savvy, that we figured we'd try posting recaps and farm updates so we have a sort of chronology of our adventures at Meadowlark!

If any of our boarders are interested in sharing anything on the blog, simply contact Emily and let her know!

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